McDonalds in Singapore recently announced that they will be charging for additional packets of curry, BBQ and sweet & sauce at $0.30 each if customers requested beyond their free allocation. 

I recently found at the KungFu Paradise of the Paradise Group charges $0.50 + 10% service charge + 7% GST for your first request of sambal chilli.

This isn't KungFu Paradise Sambal Chilli, but is it worth paying $0.50 + 10% service charge + 7% GST?

I can understand if KungFu Paradise was looking to charge for additional request, but for the first request?

Compared to my neighbourhood zichar which sells zi char dishes at 2x lesser than KungFu Paradise would offer Sambal Chilli free flow if requested.

My neighbourhood zi char store offer free serving of Sambal Chilli without a blink of an eye or service charge

Can KungFu Paradise why they are charging for the first serving of Sambal Chilli?


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