Singapore NParks came under fire for its purchase of 26 Brompton foldable bikes and they required Singapore's Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Hwa to defend the purchase as it "satisfy the criteria of 'value for money' when public funds are involved".

The official distributor for the Brompton foldable bikes has, however, made claims on its Facebook Page that the bikes were tendered by an unauthorised reseller and may not come with the warranty that buyers get when buying via official means.

Wrote the Diginexx Facebook Page,

A M6L retails at S$2250 per bike at Diginexx which will cover the 5-year frame warranty and 2-year warranty on parts.
In comparison, buying a total of 26 M6L Bromptons at $2200 per bike is unfortunately not a fair deal for NParks especially when the bikes come from a non-authorised reseller, which do not and cannot offer the official five-year frame warranty and two-year parts warranty.

NParks may have saved on $50 per bike as "value for money" but what happens when the bikes get damaged within the next two to five years?


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