(Update: I have been updated that the list price now for a full page full color for Straits Times is now SGD49k.)

One of my journalist friend at Telecom Asia updated his status that he was seeking comments from both the PR of M1 and Starhub over an advertisement.

His eagle sharp eye noticed that in the M1 ad, to promote the Fibre Broadband Bundle at COMEX 2012, had a hotline number that was not to M1's 1627.

Pay attention to the last line - For more information, visit m1.com.sg/msquard or call 1633.

Dial 1633 and the first thing you will is "Welcome to Starhub customer care.."

A quick Google search showed that a full page full colour ad might cost up to SGD33,206,04 before GST and other discounts. 

An expensive lesson for the person who approved this ad. 


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