Willy Lim, co-Founder of NetProfitQuest, has ranked the recently launched ME app from MediaCorp as "If you want to learn what NOT TO DO in a mobile app, this is the app to download".

Wrote Willy,

"But anyways, I decided to give the app a try when I saw the ad THREE weeks ago.
Guess what?

The app was not even available in the Apple app store until the TV ads has already been running for 2 full weeks.

After struggling with it for more than 10 mins, I finally registered.  (Hey, I'm supposed to be mobile app expert and I took 10 mins....) But it told gave me a "You are already registered" error...

Clicking on the various icons, I almost fell asleep waiting for the tabs to load.....and ALL the tabs load up to show ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"

Willy also added in his comments that the ME app might be in violation of App Store Review Guidelines:-17.2 Apps that require users to share personal information, such as email address and date of birth, in order to function will be rejected.

It is quite embarrassing for the celebrities to be endorsing an App with the tagline of  being rewarded for following ME, but the app has found to be a one-star wonder on iTunes.


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