Sticky Singapore, one of the more popular Facebook Pages in Singapore with 122 070 fans, recently launched their Facebook Fan Club powered by NETS.

How does it work?

Customers of Sticky Singapore can join the Fan Club on the spot with any smart phone (no apps download needed).  They simply scan the QRcode, and then click LIKE to join the Sticky Singapore Facebook Page.
When paying, customers give their mobile number to the cashier for fan verification and pay with NETS, as usual.

Click to join their Fan Club now.

How does Sticky Singapore benefit from launching the Fan Club?

1. Sticky Singapore can convert more customers into Facebook Fans

Most businesses have lots of customers than fans. By launching the Sticky Singapore Facebook Fan Club, it creates a powerful incentive for Sticky Singapore customers to become fans.
With more fans on their Facebook Page, Sticky Singapore does not need to spend as much money on other marketing channels to get new fans.

2. Each Check-In result in a Wall Post for all friends to see

When a Fan checks-in at Sticky Singapore, a wall post is created for all the friends of the fan to see.

The screenshot below showed that I have check-in at Sticky Singapore and my friend, Anson Koh, will see the wall post. 

If Anson is interested to learn more about the fan benefit, he can click on the wall post.

This wall post is subsequently moved to a sponsored ad on Facebook so that more friends will see. The sponsored ad is free for Sticky Singapore. 

3. Sticky Singapore Facebook Team will know how many fans shop at their outlets.

Sticky Singapore Facebook Team will be able to download valuable CRM insights data which will show their management how many of their Facebook Fans have shopped at their three outlets in The Central, Cineleisure and JCube, under a single Facebook Page.

Sticky Singapore Facebook Team can now highlight to their management to show them how many friends of the check-in fans clicked on the clicked on wall posts and discovered Sticky Singapore Facebook Page.

Best of all, as this Fan Club is sponsored by NETS, this service is free for Sticky Singapore to use. 

For more information about Facebook Fan Club powered by NETS, please email


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