Malaysia's double vision for 2012

There was an uproar when Prince William and his wife visited Queentown Singapore where photos showed that the citizens enjoying themselves at the park were all staged, in local slang "wayang".

To see the photos, click on to mrbrown's blog here. The local MPs admitted that it was indeed "staged" and was meant to be an exhibition.

Not to be outdone, a photo from Malaysia's news agency, Bernama, was also found to have "added' people to a photo to show that a visit by the country's Prime Minister was filled to the brim with supporters.

Readers thought they were suffering from double vision.

Bernama has since admitted that the photo was doctored and is currently investigating the incident. 

A photoblogger who was quick to identify the double entries noted it before Bernama admitted to the incident. However, this was only done after several denial. 

Wrote Man Behind Lens

Further to the denial of image manipulation and doctoring, Bernama editor-in-chief Datuk Yong Soo Heong who said yesterday media personnel do not waste their precious time doing irrational things.

Yong said Bernama urged anybody to come forward to make a detailed study of the photo and Bernama would cooperate fully.

"We have nothing to hide about the picture," he said.


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