There is no doubt that Nokia wants to win the smartphone wars with its PureView technology to out-shoot the competition. Unfortunately, social media has once again exposed one of the photos as falsely advertised as taken from the to-be-launched Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

See the photo below, it looks great and was allegedly taken by the Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

Source: Mashable

Blogger sefsar was rather curious about the light sparkles in the photo.

Wrote sefsar,

I decided to do a bit more research based on the data we have at hand. Going by these still images it’s hard to tell what device really took the photos. We don’t have the EXIF data because these are part of a video, and there’s no cheeky reflections we can zoom in and enhance. However, there is one thing, that once seen can’t be unseen. Diffractions. Diffractions are the sparkle affect generated around the bright lights in the background.

Sefsar's curiosity was soon answered with a photo from Hacker News on ycombinator.

According to Mashable, "Nokia also apologized for misleading photos that were taken from the video."


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