In the chase to increase the number of likes for their Facebook Pages, many merchants forget that the love-like relationship with their customers is a two-way street.

At Rocky’s Pizza, Fan Club members get 15% off when they pay with NETS, Singapore’s national debit card brand.

The simple incentive turns the pizza eatery’s existing Facebook fan page into a loyalty program Fan Club, with no need for membership forms, cards or coupons, whether paper or digital.

“The Fan Club has increased business from both dine-in customers and deliveries,” said Mr Marcus Lew, Operations Manager for Rocky’s Pizza. “We have also seen a 10% increase in walk-in customers since the launch of the Fan Club.”

A simple registration site “” makes it very easy for customers to join the Fan Club in the restaurant, as they dine.

“The registration process is so simple and easy to understand that most of our customers were able to join the Fan Club without any assistance from the staff,” said Mr Lew. “There are no forms to fill out and no cards to carry.”

NETS also benefited from sponsoring the Fan Club. Rocky’s Pizza reports that NETS usage jumped from 3.95% of total transaction in July 2012 to 18.54% just one month later. As NETS charges a lower transaction fee than credit cards, Rocky’s Pizza was able to enjoy cost savings with more customers switching to NETS than credit cards.

Please download the case study in PDF here.

If you are interested to launch your Fan Club, please contact


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