What is the benefit of liking a Facebook Page?

Facebook Fans of the respective pages will enjoy the discount when they join the respective FanClub Exclusive powered by PayPal.

All the fan need to do is register their mobile number and like the selected page. Upon payment, fans just need to give their mobile number to the cashier. Pay with cash, card or with PayPal.

To learn more about FanClub exclusives, visit http://FanClub.sg.

For merchants, are you looking for a solution where you can convert more customers into Fans? Or recognise your Facebook Fans in the physical outlet so you can reward them for being a fan?

In return, you get free word of mouth marketing and sponsored stories from the payment sponsor. In this case here, it will be PayPal.

Launching a FanClub also allows you as a merchant to identify returning fans and even reward them with exclusive benefits via evouchers which only these fans will get.

For a demo meeting, please email aaron(at)taggo(dot)me.


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