Popular radio personality and funny man, Joe Augustin, was today served a lawyer's letter over a joke.

Although Joe has taken to his Facebook Page to explain the situation, he has requested that "And please under NO circumstances, try and guess in comments section below who this allegedly aggrieved party may be."

Wrote Joe Augustin,

"..One of my jokes (yes, JOKES) has resulted in a lawyer's letter being sent to me threatening that their instructions are to "proceed immediately to prosecute" their clients claims against me unless I complied with their demands by the end of business today. Significantly, this letter arrived this afternoon while I was sleeping. 

...But in the very final paragraph of their letter, they still expressly reserved "the right to seek substantial damages from me for defamation" amongst all other rights.

I am no lawyer, but I understand this to mean - We judge you have wronged us by our interpretation of the law. You must do such and such RIGHT NOW or we will start immediate legal proceedings against you. And *even* if you do what we ask of you we're not letting you off the hook. 

This sounds WAY too much like my mum when I was growing up.

So I wait, hitherto unnamed party, represented by your lawyers. I wait for your further details on your last demand, other expressly reserved rights not withstanding."

Joe has also assured his fans that the "allegedly aggrieved party" has nothing to do with a fellow ex-DJ Daniel Ong's written rant over his neighbour's recent renovation.

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation was recently taken to task by Cathay Pacific to take down the video titled "Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts?’ Cathay Pacific even resorted to asking Google to take the video down from YouTube because "under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, claiming NMA had violated Cathay’s copyright."


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