Channel NewsAsia Get Real team probably thought they had the exclusive scoop when sex blogger Alvin Tan almost agreed to appear on their "investigative" program.

Only problem was that the Channel NewsAsia Get Real team was sort of asking for free sex which didn't go down well with Alvin.

Wrote Alvin Tan on his Facebook profile,

"I was in talks with Channel News Asia to film an episode of Get Real, a documentary depicting real-life social events. Filming will take place over a span of several days, and we are expected to act as well as use our own personal contacts of people who propositioned us for sex to set up real-life meetings with said people. In addition, we are expected to personally take on tremendous legal risks in performing unauthorised filming; they were planning to wire our shirts up with microphones and hidden cameras to capture people who aren't even aware that they're being recorded.

In exchange, Channel News Asia was prepared to reimburse us for transportation and accommodation expenses. A negotiation for actual payment is met with an indifferent "we don't pay for interviews".

Very classy move."

Alvin also described Channel NewsAsia as "cunning" and "exploitative".

Most in the PR field knows that these interviews are free because it is in exchange for air time on that medium that would have cost thousands to buy air time from the TV station.

Unfortunately for Alvin Tan's case, such exposure, pardon the pun, wouldn't bring him that advertising equalavant value for his brand.


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