After an incident where a community manager for Singtel Facebook Page was verbally abused, Singtel has announced its Facebook House Rules to maintain order on the Page.

Wrote Singtel

As a host of this page, SingTel takes pride in keeping the conversations fair and decent for all. We have engaged a team of trained, empowered, and dedicated Customer Care service officers to provide assistance in queries on the Facebook page, working alongside our Community Managers.  

Your comments are strongly encouraged and welcomed; be it positive or negative, and will not be deleted as long as the content does not breach the following points:

  • Abusive, defamatory or obscene
  • Violates copyright or intellectual property
  • Condones or promotes illegal activity
  • Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • Off-topic
  • Sexual or offensive graphically or in tone
  • Personal attacks, vulgarity, racism, or hateful in language targeting religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs
  • Deliberate disruption of discussion
  • Contain spam or are intended to cause technical disruptions to the page
  • Content deemed inappropriate or contrary to the purpose of this community
  • Attempts to solicit SingTel or page fans either for personal, commercial or competitor purposes

If you would like to get in touch directly with our Customer Care service officers, do visit the “Contact Us” tab on Facebook. 

The house rules are good for other Facebook owners to follow to maintain the order on the Page against trolls and personal attacks.

It also explains reasons for deleting posts which is found against its house rules.

Comments on these house rules have been mixed.

One fan wrote " Bad service by company does NOT give customers the right to be vulgar and offensive ;)", while another wrote for Singtel themself to stick to the house rules.

Wrote another fan, "SingTel, you yourself have made fraudulent/deceptive/misleading remarks. If you are actually improving the 3G network services - prove it. Show us the numbers, and your upgrading plans for the infrastructure."


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