Facebook Offers vs Fan Clubs

Today, merchants not only want more customers, they also want more fans on their Facebook Page. And they hope that customers like their page, but hope is not a strategy or a tactic.

Canz I have more Fanz Pleaze?

In the process of acquiring merchants for Fan Clubs, I have gotten some questions about Facebook Offers and Fan Clubs which would be best answered below.

Facebook Offers for everybody; Fan Club benefits for your fans only

A Facebook user does not need to like your Facebook Page. All the user needs to do is accept your offer. The problem here is that there are no immediate returns on your offers. If you are lucky, you offer will be well claimed. If not, it will just be another ordinary wall post. 

Registration for customers is only done once. 
Customers see other Fan Clubs, they just click LIKE.

On the other hand, for somebody to claim a Fan Club benefit, that Facebook user must first register their mobile and like your Facebook Page.  With Fan Clubs, the immediate result is that you turn a customer into a fan if the customer chooses to claim that benefit. 

You can’t track who claimed your Facebook Offers; Fan Clubs allows you to recognise your fans

When Facebook users claim your Facebook Offers, you wouldn’t know who claimed except for the quantity of fans who claimed. 

Upon claiming a Facebook Offer, the customers would have to show their mobile phone. As such, a customer can keep on claiming without any tracking made available to the merchant. 

Fan Clubs, however, allows the merchant to keep track of the discount claimed for proper accounting. We are also working on updating the merchant with a simple email report to highlight to him how many fans have registered to join the Fan Club, checked-in to enjoy the fan benefit, and how many fans seen the wall post.

You need to pay Facebook to promote Facebook Offers: Fan Clubs give you FREE word of mouth marketing and sponsored stories

Facebook has said that only 20% of your fans will see your wall post. If you want to get more to see your wall post of the Facebook Offers, you will need to buy advertisement from Facebook.

FREE word of mouth marketing and  FREE sponsored stories for merchants!

Fan Clubs gives you FREE word of mouth marketing and sponsored stories.  When a fan is recognised at the shop, a wall post will appear on the friends’ newsfeed. The copy of the wall post is designed to be generic as it will only share that the friend has enjoyed a fan benefit.

The link to the wall post is customisable, so it can land on your Facebook Page, wall post update and even a microsite.

This wall post is subsequently converted to sponsored stories so more friends can see.

The sponsored stories are paid for by the payment providers like PayPal and NETS and you only need to pay existing transaction fees.  

The entire Fan Club solution, Point of Sale Materials (POSM) and sponsored stories are FREE to the merchants.

For more information, please email info(at)taggo.me.


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