Fact Checking Singapore Style

"Fact Checking" was a popular term that rose from the recently US presidential elections to check on the statements made by the two presidential candidates.

"Fact Checking" landed on Singapore shores with a story of a taxi driver who was headlined to earn $7,000 a month.

A week since the story and the journalist had to print a column explaining her story. A video was also released on The Straits Times. A rarity as stories itself should be explanatory.

So the heart of the question was whether the taxi driver did say he earned $7,000 a month.

Wrote the journalist,

"There was no hint to either of us that he meant what he earned in a particular month, I had asked how much he earned, not what was the most he ever earned."

However, the taxi driver in question shared his side of the interview.

Image from TheOnlineCitizen Facebook Page

So it remains, can taxi drivers really earn $7,000 a month?


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