I have noticed that at media events, PR are now putting up hashtags to invite the media and audience to tweet with that.

As much as this is encouraging for social media, I find that the PR are taking the same old passive approach to media. I am referring to the practice of aiting for third parties to write about the client.

PR should take also take an active role in tweeting at events. Not just "live" tweets but use Twitter to share links which was mentioned at the event. Also if the spokesperson has a Twitter account or Facebook Page to share, "live" tweet it at the event to share it with the audience.

For example, at the #rednightout event organised by the MyNewsDesk last night, as Twittamentary was being screened, the section of how the homeless in the US are using Twitter to help themselves was quite an inspiring story about social media.

While the director was tweeting and sharing the handlers, I decided to find stories online about them and shared them on the same hashtag.

Sharing the links do give context to the tweeters, like what they are doing or what they have done.

For example, when the Lizard Man of Hollywood came on, I googled and found a story on on CNN.  Sharing the link to the story gives more context to who this Lizard Man is than just sharing his handler.

With social media, PR should move away from the traditional idea of that is always better for the third party to write about the client. This because that is a waiting and hoping game, and in PR, hope is not a strategy.


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