Vahaad Ali paid Chan Brothers $11K for a family trip to Australia at a NATAS Fair in August and all he got was a budget airline booked for his entire family.

The wall post below originally appeared on Chan Brothers Travel Facebook Page. EDMW Loves Singapore Page has shared the reply email from Chan Brothers.

Source: EDMW loves Singapore Facebook Page.
A return trip to Gold Coast from Singapore on Scoot would have cost Chan Brothers $5000.

I can imagine the disappointment for the family, all excited and all, only for Chan Brothers to use a fine print to put a damper to their holiday spirit.

Seriously, why hide behind the fine print, Chan Brothers? Why not do a BIG PRINT that the proposed trip is an unconfirmed trip so the customers are fully aware of the purchase they made?

While Chan Brother may be right, they became less likable as a result of this post.

A Facebook user commented, "hey took down Vaahid's post bcos of overwhelming responses about this travel co. who depend on their 'fine print' to cheat people. Surprisingly so many people kena lah."

Another Facebook user wrote, "You should write to the forum page and let Singaporeans know how untrusworthy this CB is. I had a bad experience many years back with CB too and never travelled with them since. Was in Melbourne n the tour guide organized a night tour to watch the penguins . At the destination, I noticed a signboard had a musking tape over the pricing. CB had overcharged us per pax n Kids at age 12 were also charged adult price. I sincerely hope you get a full refund ."

You can't blame social media for such negativity.


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