Yesterday, I blogged about how a usually cool headed entrepreneur went into a rage rant over Singtel customer service or rather the lack of it.

This morning, I saw the newsfeed flooding from Milton Sau, a news producer at Channel NewsAsia,  about his experience with Singtel.

His first issue with Singtel was whether Singtel should have charged him to to replace his landline cable that’s outside his home.  So far, it seems he has not got another verification from Singtel.

And Singtel tried to call him.

Wrote Milton,

"Singtel customer service called and said can’t hear me over the phone. And I’m a Singtel subscriber."

In trying to get a simple information from Singtel Customer, he got " verbal diarrhoea-ed over the phone".

As summarised by Milton,

"First I was told my broadband connection wasn't disconnected. Now I'm unable to log onto the web at home. The only consistency with Singtel is its bill reminders."

A friend has recommended him to go on Starhub. But that's another story.


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