21122012 may not be the end of the world yet, but it was a day when the usually cool headed Bernard Leong, founder of sgentrepreneur.com, launched into a rant rage over the customer's service he experienced from Singtel.

Wrote Bernard on his tumbler,

1. I have purchased an iPhone 5 at Takashimaya and specifically told the customer rep that I have a multi-SIM. That moron gave me a single SIM and I have to wait for 2 days to get my phone activated. Worse, I have to travel to Takashimaya and get a bad customer rep asking me to wait when the customer service department called and assured me that I do not need to wait.

2. I have purchased a new fibre broadband for my new home and told them that I have an existing broadband in my parents' home. Those idiots, without verifying with me went and cancel the broadband in my parents' home. I have told them that I have two broadband connections and they don't seem to get it. In the end, I have wasted 2 hours to go through their bad 1688 customer service line on that. 

3. Don't even get me started with them screwing up the OpenNet appointment and they did not let them know that they need to speak to my contractor. Even if they have rectified the problem, I have wasted another 4 hours of my time.

Bernard also described Singtel recent announcement to buy food directories to expand their digital business as a "whole load of crap". He added that Singtel should not be requiring vendors to maintain 99.5% SLA when the telco itself is unable to achieve such levels.


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