(Are you looking to launch Facebook Offers? Why not launch a Fan Club instead. Check out the differences between Facebook Offers and Fan Clubs at http://socialpr.blogspot.sg/2012/11/facebook-offers-vs-fan-clubs.html)

We have been asked about the differences between Fan Clubs and Loyalty Punch Card Apps so we thought it would be great to share it in this post.

Differences between Fan Clubs vs Loyalty Punch Card Apps

Taggo's Fan Club solution is free for merchants. The service is built into the credit/debit card fees that merchants already pay. Merchants get more fans, more word of mouth advertising, and valuable CRM data, all free. Merchants simply fund the discounts or other promotions for their fans.

Merchants keep full control of the customer relationship. Customers don't join Taggo. They become fan club members of the merchant's existing Facebook page. Major brands don't want to promote third party apps, so Taggo's model is better suited to their needs.

There is no app to download. Customers join fan clubs through a simple plug-in added to the merchant's fan page.

Taggo's business model is more efficient. Banks and payment companies already have teams to recruit merchants. Taggo does not need to duplicate this manpower. We can deploy globally without hiring thousands of employees. This efficiency creates value for customers, merchants and payment companies.

Loyalty program apps are a small improvement over paper loyalty cards. Merchants get some additional value, but not enough to justify the additional costs. In comparison, Taggo is spearheading a global move from loyalty programs to fan clubs, a completely new paradigm that costs much less and provides much more value.

Last but not least, Taggo is patented. No other company offers the ability to recognize and reward fans at the point of sale.

If you would like to find out how to launch your own merchant Fan Club, please email aaron(at)taggo.me.


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