Rumours are spreading around the blog-o-sphere that Cecilia Sue, the IT Sales Manager, involved in the Ng Boon Gay corruption case, is sending out letter of demands to bloggers who have re-posted spoof images of her with regards to the mentioned case.

It seems that Cecilia has taken offence to the images created by 9Gag Singapore during the period of the corruption case and have send letters of demand for these images to be taken down.

The owners of 9Gag Singapore Facebook Page is still unknown and their website has hidden the administrators' details.

Sources highlighted that the spoof images are still hosted at forums and if Hardwarezone will also be requested to remove them is still unknown.

One blogger has already removed the offending post so as to not escalate the situation any further.

Though we are in the early days of 2013, this would make it the second case where letter of demands were served to bloggers to remove their post.  Alex Au, the blogger at Yawning Bread, was served a letter of demand by the Prime Minister of Singapore on false allegations made on the Yawning Bread blog over the AIMS issue.


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