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I was one of the dengue statistics contributor for the record high

I had the dengue virus last week and I didn't know it was dengue until the rashes appeared. Adding to the complexity, I didn't even know where I was bitten as I was the only one in the family affected by this virus (Touch wood).

This comes in the news today that dengue infections has a hit a five-year high.

It all started with a paralysing fever two Sundays ago. I thought I was done with a very bad flu virus given that I was caught in the rain the night before.

Paralysing because I didn't want to do anything but to lie down and sleep. But sleeping was rather difficult too as I had chills and for some part of the nights, shivering under the blankets. It didn't help that the weather was chilly and had rained continuously for the past few days.

The fever disappeared by Tuesday morning but my body was aching. The aches were acute pains that, though painkillers did the job, I felt extremely lethargic. Even my thought process was much slower than usual.

The whole week I fought off lethargy and sudden chills. For the first time, I couldn't stand the cold of the air conditional or even the breeze from the fan directly at me.

Lethargy was soon overtaken by hunger. But the whole week was kind of strange, the body was hungry, yet I had no appetite to consume any food.

Trying to sleep at night was also a torture as my body wasn't comfortable lying down.

On Saturday, strange rashes started to appear all over my body. Red spots that looked like measles. The first doctor I went was quick to dismiss it as just another viral attack. I believe the Ministry of Environment has reported this clinic to the Ministry of Health for not giving the right diagnosis.

The Ministry of Environment will make follow-up calls to determine the source of the outbreak.

I went to another clinic for a second opinion on Sunday and immediately this doctor suspected that I had dengue and the next course of action was to go to the A&E ward for a blood test.

When I was at Changi Hospital, the waiting time started 6 hours and I thought it would be a long night ahead. But somehow, after the triage nurse, I was able to see the A&E doctor in last than an hour.

As the results might take an hour, I was put on IV drip to hydrate my body.

Soon, it was determined that I had dengue and my blood platelet was found to be at 133, which is below the min of 155. However, as I wasn't showing major symptoms of platelet lost, I was discharged the immediately but had to go to the nearest polyclinic for blood test.

The next two days was all rest. though the itch from the rash did make it hard to sleep.

Luckily, the blood test on my first visit to the polyclinic showed that my platelet returned to normal and the danger was over.

The rashes still itches the body but it subsided in another day or two.

Dengue resulted in the lost of productivity for the past two weeks so there's lots of catching up to do.

There is no cure for dengue and the best way is to prevent its spread via the Aedes mosquito.


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