In my earlier post, I wrote that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's letter of demand to Alex Au over his post on the AIMS issue help lift the profile of the Yawning Bread blog. 

The Senang Diri blog also highlighted similar points.

Wrote Senang Diri

"Firstly, Yawning Bread has been elevated to the status of thought-leader since it was the blog that broke news of the relationship between information technology company, Action Information Management (AIM) and the ruling People's Action Party (PAP)...

... Secondly, by declining to comment on the number of companies the PAP owns, the system surrendered the initiative in info management regarding this episode. This loss of initiative means the system is reacting to public opinion, rather than leading it....

...Thirdly, legal action is high-handed but admittedly necessary where reputations have been besmirched. However, unleashing the silks comes with a price: It gives rise to concerns among Singaporeans that perhaps the only way to sift the wheat from the chaff is to have people like Alex Au raise all sorts of scenarios and wait for the system to respond to find out where the pain points are...

...Fourthly, the AIM business is probably not a topic you would want to raise during the National Conversation, even if you have the best intentions for Singapore at heart, because you may inadvertently blunder into a minefield...

..Lastly, a half-baked info ops or PR plan will backfire. If the intention of a legal letter is to put a stop to wayward discussions on a certain matter, this has to be done decisively. .."

Legal action against negative commentary on the current PAP government is being seen as a step backwards for Singapore maturity in democracy. 

Wrote Dr Stanley Lai

"As the Singapore democracy matures, those in charge will have to look for ways to galvanise support and remain conspicuous in the stream of consciousness of citizens.  Above all, reconsider whether the weapons of yesteryear should be used in tomorrow's battles. "


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