Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, via his lawyers, has send a letter of demand to Alex Au, the blogger at Yawning Bread blog to take down his three posts on the AIMS issue.

Wrote Today,

"The letter, from Drew and Napier Senior Council Davinder Singh, said the blog post contained "very serious suggestions of criminal breach of trust" and, by the references to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and the Attorney-General's Chambers, "of corruption".

The post also drew defamatory comments from readers, some directed against Mr Lee, said the letter of demand, which listed 21 comments.

The comments when read with the original post and/or by themselves, are understood to mean that Mr Lee "is guilty of corruption in relation to the AIM Transaction and will abuse his powers to cover up the matter or prevent any investigation into his corruption", said the letter. "These are false and baseless allegations"."

If the Prime Ministers feels that the blog's allegations and the comments made can tilt perceptions of the People's Action Party towards such views, it is therefore obvious that the Yawning Bread blog is of some influence that demands legal action against the blog.

Upon the spread of the news that letters have been served, the Twittersphere, Facebook and blog-o-sphere,   often described as the Wild West, went in hyperdrive to encourage their network to visit the Yawning Bread blog before the posts are taken down as agreed by Alex Au.

Was Alex Au right to apologise and remove his blog post? A Facebook comment shared that it was a smart move of Alex's part.

From The Online Citizen Facebook Page,

"Alex Au's decision to accede to the letter of demand makes absolute sense. In fact, it makes so much sense that it's really all theatre. TPTB know he won't contest - it's a very reasonable gamble. In the meantime, they look good - they appear to have the moral high ground because "they dared to threaten to sue", which apparently translates to "therefore the accusations are rubbish.""

Pardon me for being Singaporean, but there is acronym to describe the actions by both parties - SAD - Sue,  Apologise and Delete. Post again and repeat these SAD steps.


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