Singapore Telcos have been recently reported that they are looking to build their own apps to combat the loss of SMS revenue due to the popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp, which offer free messaging via 3G connection.

One of problems I predict that these telcos will encounter is that they would have to ensure interoperability and that their app becomes extremely popular.

Would you use a Singtel, Starhub or even an M1 app if you could only message to only those on the network? Definitely not.

My suggestion is for Telcos to look at enhancing the SMS experience by solving a simple problem which most smart phone users have today.

We are on our laptop or desktop most of the time. One pet peeve that most of us have is the constant need to look at the phone when we hear notification sound alert of a new message or we look at the blinking LED lights on the smart phone. Even when we have no message, we still look at the phone to check if we receive one.

I came across a app called MightyText that allows me to SMS from my desktop or tablet using my mobile number.

So what? Well, MightyText has a Chrome extension which will pop up an alert when you receive an SMS and even incoming calls.

And because I can SMS via by desktop, I do not have to spend time fingering my phone to type out messages. The SMS and call alerts mean that I don't have to rush to pick up my phone to reply an SMS. All done via the Chrome browser.

Interestingly, my SMS usage has also increase and I believe this is the goal of the telcos.

The telcos here could look at building something similar without much cost.


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