If you are travelling down the LDP highway in KL, you might come across this F&N billboard with a big QR code.

I wonder why would the marcoms team would put a QR code on the billboard.

Let's assume that a QR code can be scanned from one's mobile phone at such a distance.

Is this QR code targeted at the drivers so that they will slow down, take out their mobile phone and try to scan the QR code on this extremely busy highway? I wonder how many traffic violations there are in the statement alone.

Is the QR code targeted at the back sit passengers? By the time I saw this ad for the first time travelling on this highway, I took out my mobile and the car zipped past the billboard.  I was able to take the photo on the second journey down this highway because I anticiapted it.

Or is the QR just there to show that the agency or company is just in with the times to put up a QR code to show off? If this was the goal, then it  made the agency or company look bad because this shows that they dont understand the technology.


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