(Update: BBO has replied saying that the decision to fire Lyn was because Lyn violated company policy of discussing clients on social networks and not influenced by SingTel. Read press release here.)

A Facebook post is now being spread of how an agency staff complains about Singtel bad reception has lead to the sacking of one agency staff.

Wrote Lyn Ng,

I lost my job, thanks to SingTel.

My friends will know that I have been making a lot of complaints on the SingTel Facebook page the past year. Over time, I have actually reduced my posts because I realised how futile it is.

Yet, on one very busy work day, I received a call from my boss. She asked if I had posted on SingTel’s Facebook page before, and I said yes. Then she went on to say that I have listed the agency as my workplace and it is shown on my profile. I was surprised, because I don’t even recall updating my profile work location. I don’t bring work into Facebook, so that caught me off guard.

Turns out she was right. SingTel complained about my posts to the higher-ups, and I am no longer allowed to work at that agency.

In one act of sabotage, SingTel has successfully cut an important source of my livelihood, and denied me work at a place I was happy in.

Instead of addressing the problem, it seems SingTel chose to address the individual, resulting in the lost of job.

Such cases of SingTel's inability to separate State and Church would actually lead to fear among customers, existing and potential ones, to sign up for a SingTel services.

A few complains, and if your company is earning money from SingTel, you get fired.

Lyn has since moved over to M1.


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