Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. It is no different in social media. If you are being attacked online, you respond online.

Jollibee Singapore was recently flamed for opening its first shop in Singapore and only looking to hire foreigners in the store. This accusation came about of a wall post on its Facebook Page looking to hire staff for its store.

Photo: EDMW loves Singapore Facebook page

In a respond to inSing, Jollibee Singapore shared that they have removed the post because it was not longer necessary.

Wrote InSing,

Jollibee explained that the post had “served its purpose already as it was during the time when we were recruiting qualified Singaporeans/permanent residents to form part of our store team”.

“We regularly update posts contained in our official Facebook page (and that includes removing posts which are no longer necessary) as part of our content management plan,” the spokesperson added.

Removing the post only adds fuel to fire that the company had something to hide and using an excuse as "post removed as they are unnecessary" adds to the brick wall to hide the issue.

It was rather surprising that their content management plan didn't include responding to issues like this.

Jollibee Singapore should have responded via their Facebook Page to highlight the fact that Singaporeans are indeed part of their team here. A photo posts showing Singaporeans as part of their crew would have help douse some fire.

Even if this responded trolls, there are influential Singapore bloggers who have come to support Jollibee and Jollibee should have used this to their advantage.

Wrote OMY's Daniel Ang,

There has been a Facebook Page to “Boycott Jollibee Singapore” and posts on TR Emeritus to “Boycott-Pinoy-first business”, gathering lots of comments, many of which are insulting to the Filipinos and other foreign labour in Singapore.

I know this may anger some people, but I find the page, posts and negative comments ridiculous and uncalled for. Reading the comments, we can sense that there are also many who join in ‘the boycott’ without fully understanding the reasons behind it.

In fact, Jollibee should have taken the Boycott Jollibee Singapore Page to show that they have hired Singaporeans and get the page to prove it did not.

Going into "hiding" in today's social media is an illogical option for any communications or content management team today.


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