If you thought Parisians are rude, wait you read about the administrator of Les Deux Garcons Malaysia Facebook Page.

A customer visited the Les Deux Garcons Malaysia shop but was disappointed in the services. So naturally, she turned to the shops' Facebook Page. This customer even made a suggestion to the shop to label their macarons for their service staff felt they did not have to answer queries from in shop customers.

How did the Facebook administrator respond?

Well.. this Facebook administrator to go to Paris and face the wrath of real Parisian as this customer has too much to complaint.

The next step that came naturally for the administrator was to delete the pst. When this customer put in another post, the Facebook administrator replied "We have no time for bitches".

You can catch the drama unfolding between the administrator and Fans here

The management of Les Deux Garcons Malaysia has since apologised but comments, all 307 of them, are still pouring in. Many suspect it was the owner of LDG that made that uncanny reply but this is yet proven.


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