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How Rocky's Pizza Facebook Page generated 1,445 LIKES with no content and zero advertising?

Rocky's Pizza set up a Facebook Page but do not have anybody managing it. Even with no content and zero advertising, they generated 1,445 LIKES on their Facebook Page.

The last update on Rocky's Pizza Facebook Page was on 2013 February 09. 

In addition, about 73%, or 1,049, of this 1,445 LIKES were real customers who dined at the outlet at Sunset Way in Clementi. Customer conversion to LIKES is more valuable to any F&B brand then a LIKE generated from online who may not have stepped into the outlet. 

Most F&B put up lots of content on their Facebook Page but growth on their Pages are usually slow. Those who look at advertising on Facebook Page do generate the LIKES but have no idea if these LIKES would be converted into a purchase at outlet, let alone stepping into the outlet. 

What help Rocky's Pizza generate these huge number of LIKES? A single poster on each table top at Rocky's Pizza did the trick. 

The poster above brought in the 1,445 LIKES to the Rocky's Pizza Page.

When customers see this poster, a 15% off for being a Fan is worth the effort to take out their smartphone to join the Rocky's Pizza Fan Club, either by scanning the QR code or just typing the url into the browser on their smartphone. 

Rocky's Pizza Fan Club Registration Page.

When the customer arrive on the Rocky's Pizza Fan Club Registration Page, he/she will be asked to register their mobile if this is their first time on the Fan Club app. The next step for the customer is to just hit the LIKE button to complete the registration process. 

Upon payment, the customer just need to give the mobile number to the cashier. The cashier just needs to enter the mobile number into a Fan Club website which identifies the customer as a fan. Once identified as fan, the customer will be given the 15% with payment via NETS. 

A check-in generates more Facebook awareness for the brand.

When a check-in is made, a wall post is generated where the customer's friends would see on their News Feed.  This wall post will be generated into a paid sponsored story where more friends will be aware of the benefits. 

Increased brand awareness among friends increased Rocky's Pizza delivery business

As the wall post and paid sponsor story reaches out to the customer's friends on Facebook, friends get to be aware of Rocky's Pizza. Rocky's Pizza reported their delivery orders have increased as a result of the wall posts and paid sponsored stories. This is because Rocky's Pizza did not any other form of advertising for its delivery service. 

How much did it cost for Rocky's Pizza to launch their Fan Club and the paid sponsored stories? Zilch, zero cost to Rocky's Pizza as their Fan Club is sponsored by NETS. 

Zero investment in Fan Club leading to increase LIKES on Facebook and its delivery business. The only cost is the discount which Rocky's Pizza planned to give to customers as part of their loyalty program.

To learn how to turn your Facebook Page into a loyalty fan club, please email info(at)


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