Singapore's Public Utility Board, PUB, launched the new Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video to share tips on conserving water usage. The intention must have been for the greater good but the delivery reeks of mind control of citizens and paedophilia.

In the video, ordinary citizens are going on their daily routine. Then a mascot, Water Wally, that looks like a water droplet sneaks from behind without informing the citizens and mind controls them to do what Water Wally feels is the right thing to do.

Why would and could a citizen, in a democratic country, like Singapore approve to this? 

I understand the importance of water conservation but it is necessary for a statutory board to force its will on the people?

Is that what the video is trying to say?

However, the most disturbing part starts at 0:13. Water Wally is seen opening the door of the bathroom when a boy, below 12, is taking a shower and smiling at the boy.

Given Water Wally's new mind controlling abilities, the parents of the boy were probably mind controlled to open the doors of the house to let this mascot in. (Another evil of mind control.)

At 0:18, Water Wally is seen mind controlling the young boy and doing things that Water Wally wishes on the boy.

What does that smell off? Paedophilia. Any ordinary viewers would have come to this conclusion by watching this video, let alone being tipped off by a satire site at New Nation.

With his body taken hostage by a mind controlling Water Wally, the boy soon tells his friends how wonderful Water Wally is and they should be opened to being mind controlled.

It feels like the creative director was trying to mash up a video with a Stockholm Syndrome and Children of the Corn ending.

How can this video be safe for Singaporeans and their children?


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