The challenge of this week #TheApprenticeAsia was for the team to promote the latest  NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® at a major shopping center.

I was only able to catch the last thirty minutes of the episode and it highlighted several lessons  in dealing with clients. 

Lesson #1 - Learn about your client's other products and their competitors

Team Maverick almost lost the campaign when the client, Nestle, noticed that they were about to give out a competitor's chocolate.

This is a big no no as the client has spend thousands on you and you are giving a competitor free air-time. 

Thus, it is important to know your client's other products and who the competitors are. 

Lesson #2 - Sell offline at physical stores

Team Apex was looking to promote the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® website instead of the product at the store. This is kind of ironic as the shoppers are already at the store and the products are there for the picking.

Team Apex, however, had to promote its online site because the product they promoted was only available online. 

Lesson #3 - In a reality show, show your strengths

Ninku of Team Apex, shockingly, declared to Tony Fernandes that she was not ready to the Apprentice when under pressure. 

Really? You signed up for the Apprentice and decides halfway you are not ready for it? It is not surprising she was fired. 

You can catch the whole show synopsis here.


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