If you have grown up with the original Superman movie series, the new remake of Superman - Man of Steel - combined both Superman 1 and Superman 2. However, this remake gave a better tribute to General Zod (the bad guy) than Superman himself.

(Spoiler alert ahead)

If you remembered Superman 2, General Zod and his accomplice appeared on Earth after they were freed from their one dimensional glass prisons. Then they appeared on Earth, discovered that Superman was also from Krypton and decided to get Superman to "kneel before General Zod".

That was as far as I remembered of General Zod.

Man of Steel gifted General Zod with more meat and making him a better General Zod. In this new remake, we learned that General Zod was genetically designed as a warrior with the sole purpose of protecting the survival of Krypton, by all means necessary.

As such, this lead to General Zod to mutiny against the people who created him as they were the source of the destruction of Krypton. When General Zod found Earth, because of his genetic code, he was hell bent of terraforming Earth into a replica of Krypton even it the expense of humans.

This gave General Zod more character as a the Man of Steel's first super villain.

As for the new man of steel, he provided more emotional quotient than the rest of the previous Superman. This is of the result of his father's upbringing. Johnathon Kent even hinted that Superman should have yet his friends die in a freak bus accident than to have expose his super powers. It was such commitment that Johnathon Kent decided to give his life up, instead of exposing Clark Kent's super power to the mere mortals.

In terms of the special effects, Man of Steel showed how Superman uses his super powers on earth. For example, in demonstrating Superman's x-ray vision, we were shown how Superman peeled into the skin, muscles, body organ and finally to skeleton level. Previous Superman only showed Superman with the ability to see through clothes  and into bones.

Superman's flying start was also highlighted by initial burst of acceleration and even the need to escape terminal velocity in order to escape Earth's gravity.

Is Superman worth your $12? I give it a 4 pop-corn out of 5. Trying to blend Superman's childhood to show how he became the Superman he is is tough especially when you have a generation who has been through two original Superman, both having to relive the history of Superman.


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