Sorry to readers for the spoiler in the header but I totally felt that Mr Tony Fernandes was wrong to fire Nazril Idrus.

Yes, Nazril may have made mistakes and he wasn't authorised to give the free complimentary Mediterranean pizza after the wrong order was made. But isn't this how you empower your Apprentice to do the right thing even when it is not allowed?

Is The Hilton Hospitality all about following the rules, regardless of of the statisfaction of the guest?

Is this also telling of frustrated AirAsia customers who have to endure the rules even if it is the fault were not theirs but of the airline?  Read about Daphne Maia's experience here.

It was also amazingly shocking that Mr Tony Fernandes didn't notice that the Nazri did the birthday surprise for "Miss Nightmare". Even the episode guide failed to highlight this.

Shockingly, Mr Tony Fernandes chose to let one who gave excuses for her mistakes rather than to step up and right the wrong.

If there were to be a comeback opportunity, I would vote for Nazril.

Ok.. end of my rant.

This episode of The Apprentice Asia had more action packed in the first 15 minutes of the show compared to the previous episode when the apprentice wannabes were sitting in front of the screen looking at graphs.

As one Twitter said,

"Cleaning a room in a luxury hotel is like a F1 pitstop. #theapprenticeasia"

However, I was surprised that none of the apprentices who were managing the front lobby did not step up to offer a welcome drink to the guest while they wait. How about giving them a newspaper or magazine to read?

In fact, Celina only offered a cup of coffee to one of the guest only when she was asked for one. I agreed with the advisor, Katheleen Tan, when she said that Celina sincerity towards the guest leaked fake all over. Celina was too over confident for the tasks as she felt her experience would give her the advantage over the rest.

This episode, however, did provide an insight to the pressures of serving guests at the Hilton.


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