In every pageant, the appointed judges will choose the winner. The winner takes all, even the media coverage. For Miss Singapore Global 2013, the public who will have a large say in selecting the winner. To get the public vote, the contestants will have to reach out to the public on social media.

The brain child of the pageant is Ms Vanessa Tan, Mrs Singapore 2011, a franchise of Miss Global International which originated from Jamaica. Singapore is the third Asian country other than Philippines and Malaysia to send delegates to compete internationally.

Said Ms Vanessa Tan, "Miss Singapore Global is a platform to empower young women and build future women leaders. The mission of Miss Singapore Global is to transform an ordinary girl with big dreams to a beauty queen whose main responsibility is to give back to society.

"The ideals behind this pageant are Purpose, Inner Beauty and Transformation, in that order. This pageant is different from traditional pageants in terms of the criteria of selection as well as its execution."

9 contestants, 9 social platform, 9 social causes

As a social pageant, 30% of the scores will go the final result and will be based on the numbers of LIKES on Facebook, number of Twitter followers, etc. Another 30% of the scores will be based on public votes collected via the mobile app.

The mobile app, as off the press conference, is only available on iTunes. The Android version will only be available on a later date. 

Your votes count.

And the contestants are...

Angie Chua, 24 years old, 1.65m, Parade Performer

Angie Chua is a young lady with a heart to work for a cause and not for applause. She believes in living life to express and not to impress. Her passion lies in dancing and enjoys performing from one stage to another. She likes to share her passion of dancing by inspiring the mildly intellectual disabled children of APSN Katong and Northlight School to allow them to express themselves and gradually reintegrate back into
the society.

Jolyn Wong, 22 years old, 1.65m, Administrative Executive

Jolyn Wong is your Daily Dose of Eccentricity with a pinch of quirky. She believes that we are who we are because of the places we have been, the experiences we’ve went through and the lessons we have learnt. Having walked in their shoes, she hope to use this platform to reach out to them to share the ups and downs she went through as a child in order to help them enjoy their childhood despite having to live away from one or both of their parents.

Cheryl Teo, 23 years old, 1.67m, Fresh Graduate

Instagram: N/A

Cheryl Teo is your resident tomboy and unglamourous queen. She participates in Miss Singapore Global 2013 to raise greater awareness against emotional bullying. She feels that emotional bullying can leave lasting scars on young victims, leading right into adulthood. Most of the time, such cases go undetected. She hopes to create awareness on emotional abuse and its deep-seated impacts, and create opportunities of empowerment for such victims. In other words, to help children/youth find their "inner boy" to stand up for themselves and emerge as stronger individuals.

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself." – Tim Fields

Evelyn Wee, 22 years old, 1.68m, Undergraduate

Instagram: N/A

Evelyn is a bubbly and cheerful young lady who feels passionately about championing the cause of poverty. She wants to feed the young children from 3rd world countries, not only because as survival is a fundamental need for all human beings, but also most importantly, it is her display of her love for them. 

As Mother Tersea said, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

Jennifer Huang, 25 years old, 1.68m, Recruitment Associate

Facebook Page: 

Jennifer is a devoted young lady with a heart for underprivileged children. Having served in a church's children's ministry, she has a desire to touch children with love & blessings, which she has experienced in her own life. She was blessed with a scholarship and came to Singapore 7 years ago to pursue her undergraduate study in National University of Singapore. 

And because she was blessed, she hopes to use this pageant as a platform to help children gain a equal chance to pursue an education. Having grown up in China where a wide incomegap exists, she realises how important education can play a part in a child's life and become a deciding factor in who this child will become in future. She is grateful to be blessed and now I will be a blessing to give back to the society.

Clarabel Low, 22 years old, 1.73m, Piano Teacher

Twitter:  N/A

Clarabel is passionate about music and at the same time, holds a diploma in early childhood education. She joins this pageant because she wants to do something for children who have keen interests in music but do not have the ability to pursue it. She will be providing free piano classes for such children and is currently looking for venue sponsors who can assist her with this good cause. Through this, she hopes to enrich the lives of underprivileged young children.

Jody Liu, 23 years old, 1.70m, Speaker

Instagram:  N/A

Jody Liu wishes to campaign to educate members of the public to turn our food waste to fertilizers so as to address our diminishing landfill space situation. A free-spirited but determined young lady, Jody spends her free time staring at exhibitions in Museums, DIY-ings, swimming, walking her adorable dog and travelling to various destinations in the world!

Suwen Warrick, 25 years old, 1.68m, Former Cabin Crew

Suwen is on a mission to raise awareness for Cancer, a deadly battle that many lives have been impacted by, including her father's. The girl with a boyish name, she quits her airline job and is working towards her social worker ambition. An awesome lady ready for anything who has a weakness for ice-cream and chocolates.

Michelle Qiu, 20 years old, 1.65m, Oil Trader

Twitter:  N/A
Instagram: N/A

Michelle Qiu has always felt a deep connection and compassion to all animals. She personally believes that how human beings treat animals is a reflection of the civility of our society. She has seen many cases of unwanted animals and animal neglect during her time volunteering at the SPCA and it is a reminder that we humans still have a long way to go. Hence, she would like to call for greater awareness of our actions towards animals, promote greater animal welfare and stop animal cruelty for a better society. She believes that even if each effort amounts to nothing more than a tiny drop of water in a vast ocean,what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops?


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