PRecious Communications and Mynewsdesk released a survey of media and bloggers on how PR practitioners can make their press release better. One of the suggestions given to the PR community was to provide visual links that do not expire.

From the Brands and Media Engagement Survey Report 2013 report,

Engaging Visuals. 73% think press releases should contain more than just text. Images should also be made easily accessible to the media, with links that do not expire over time.

Here are some suggestions for PR professionals on how they can do so.

1. Use Flickr to store highres photos

Now that Flickr is free with 1TB of storage data, there is no reason to start storing photos on Flickr and sharing the photo links in the press release.

One other advantage of using Flickr is the automatic resize feature. As such the trick here is to upload the high resolution best quality photo on Flickr. If it is print media, the journalist can select the original version. If it is for online media, the journalist/blogger can easily select lower res version. Flickr also support image embedding so the online journalist/blogger do not even have to download the photos.

2. Create a microsite with a instagram photofall of selected hashtags at events

There is a website called which displays selected tweets based on hashtags like a waterfall.

Something similar can be down with Instagram especially at events. This will allow journalists/bloggers and their audience to see like a "live" photo view of the event. Journalists/bloggers can also embed photos to their website with Instagram.

If you would like to create a microsite of a Instagram PhotoFall for your event, please contact me at aaronkoh(a)

3. Video on youtube

If you have videos to share, Youtube is the obvious choice to host.With Youtube, the PR agency and client do not have to worry about hosting and bandwidth.

However, Youtube comes with preroll ads so this might not be the best choice for the client.


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