List out your end-game goal before you start your social media campaign.
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It is very easy to start your social media campaign on any social networks, but the problem often lies is most starters do not start with an end goal in mind.

Starting a social media campaign should be like starting any marketing campaign and most marketers start them by asking themselves - "What do we want to achieve from the campaign?"

If the goal of the social media campaign is to get more customers in-store or to your online store, what are you, as a brand, committed to doing to get them in-store or online.  Once you get them in-store or online, how are you going to track if the customer came from your social media campaign.

If customers do not originate from your social media marketing campaign, should you consider improving it or drop the campaign and look at alternatives.

If the goal is to share updates and content with your captured audience online, what plans do you have to create content?

With a goal, a social media campaign is more than just a fab, it is a commitment to achieve that goal.


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