How reliable is Lenovo after service care in Singapore? This question was raised by a group of corporate communication folks when one of there members sent in her Lenovo notebook to service faulty internal speakers, but was billed $1,000 for a 

Lenovo service center in Singapore was a hot conversation topic among corporate communications folks when a user send in her Lenovo notebook to service faulty internal speakers but was billed $1,000 to replace the motherboard.

Wrote the corporate communications professional, 

"Lenovo's service centre wants 1k to replace my laptop's system board which died during diagnosis... or so they claim. And I sent it in only to get the faulty speaker fixed, a $60 job. Anyone else had a similar experience?" 

In the group discussion, the Lenovo laptop was tested to be working well. 

Should a user bare the cost of replacing a faulty motherboard when it was in the hands of the service center?

A Lenovo user recently also found that Lenovo's next business day warranty could not be done the next day


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