I am not ashamed to say I support Mr Tan Kin Lian as a presidential candidate because I believed in what he stood for.

And when Mr Tan posted his "misadventure" with a thermometer app, I did shake my head in disbelief that he did that.

Source:  http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2013/07/we-could-have-had-him-for-president.html
Thinking twice, there could be a possibility that Mr Tan misunderstood how this app work. Most  thermometer app take data from various weather stations to display the temperature on it.

Yes, the technology savvy will do a #facepalm when they read the post and mrbrown's post demonstrated it perfectly.

Wrote mrbrown,

"Maybe the former Presidential-hopeful didn't realize he needed to upgrade to the Pro version of the app. Then his iPhone would not only measure temperature, it would also measure current PSI (PM2.5 included), tell you if you are having your period, and cook instant noodles.

Good thing he didn't try to measure boiling water."

Unfortunately, because of mrbrown's influence, the younger generation might fear teaching their older parents how to use the Internet. Given how risk adverse Singaporeans are, the younger generation might worry that if their older parents something silly on social network, mrbrown will post it and embarrass them.

Another point to note that while Mr Tan's test with the iPhone app might sound silly, it is the silliest things we do that allow us to learn what works and what doesn't. During the Wright brothers time, making a flying machine also sounded silly.

App developers looking to develop a thermometer app in the future (which I will wonder why, but that's for another post) may need to look at how to give a better explanation of the app.

In addition, I would fully support a presidential candidate who will make use of social networks to communicate to the masses as opposed to one who engages bloggers only as political pinboards prior to elections and completely stopped the engagement after election.


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