Facebook, yesterday, announced that promotions, aka contests, can now be executed on the Facebook Page using Page elements, for example the LIKE button. Prior to the announcement, you could only run promotions with a third party app and you are not allowed to use the Page elements.

Some in-house social marketing managers lamented that this should have come earlier so that they can save a few hundred to thousand dollars on creating a app. However, if they were really marketing folks, a contest app would be a better option.

1. How are you going to administer 100s or more Likes or manage 50 photo entries?

If you run a contest asking your Facebook audience to like a photo, or submit a photo via your Facebook Page, as a busy social marketing manager, how are you going to administer the contest especially if the numbers get very high?

For example, if your photo get 100 likes, how are you going to sieve through these 100 likes? It gets even scarier if this number increase.

Or if you have tons of photos submitted as a post. You need to spend time right clicking and downloading each single image, and then assign a name to it.

It is very unproductive.

2. You won't get the database of the contestants

A good marketer will understand the importance of a good database. A contest app, when designed properly, will not require the Facebook user to enter basic Facebook details like name and email address. In fact, when done correctly, a repeat visitor need not enter non-Facebook details again.

Running a contest off Facebook Page itself will not get you the customers database.

Even if you have the time to clickthrough every single profile of each LIKE entry, different privacy settings will not give you the details you need.

Avoid being penny wise and pound foolish.


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