(Update: I made a mistake. Channel U didn't ask for NRIC number. Just name as in NRIC. However, fans are also entering their NIRC. Still, Channel U is still clear violation of running such a contest on its Facebook Page.)

Channel U, in clear violation of Facebook Page Guidelines on running contests on Facebook Pages, have openly asked fans to share their name as in NRIC and their email addresses on Channel U's Page. However fans are also entering their NRIC number.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152104797152589&set=pb.152412172588.-2207520000.1375679756.&type=3&theater
I don't see any point masking the details as these fans are gullible to share such details openly on the Page.

Guess how many strangers now know your Facebook ID, NRIC number and full email address? Let's do the maths.

Channel U currently have about 155K fans. By Facebook estimation of 20% only seeing the post, 30K strangers now know their IC number and email addresses. Assuming each fan has 130 friends,  now 30,130 friends and strangers know their IC numbers and email addresses. And if a friend liked the post, another 130 strangers will have access to the details.

To think there is so much concern about privacy on Facebook.

If creating an app is too expensive, Channel U could have just create a Google form and get fans to submit details there.

Privacy 0 - Dumb on Privacy 30,000.


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