April Fool's might have come and gone, but it looks like The Straits Times enjoys pulling a fast one its readers.

Eagle-eye readers highlighted that the article on 26 April 2014 about Mr Muhammad Ariff Ahmad had a full paragraph of Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.

As one Reddit member said "You had one job editor!" Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/240e4e/todays_straits_times_had_a_whole_paragraph_of/

The editor responsible for this should have tried the Singlish Lorem Ipsum. You can say its about localisation...

Last time policemen wear shorts! Don't fly my aeroplane He still small boy one Catch No Ball Nia. Catch No Ball ORD then you know! No horse run! Don't fly my kite No horse run! Got problem ah? Atas Buay Song Don't fly my aeroplane then you know! No horse run! Got problem ah?

Blur like sotong Don't fly my kite Don't fly my kite Ngeow White Horse ORD loh. Relak lah! last time Don't fly my kite Issit Mee Goreng.

No horse run! Don't fly my kite No horse run!
Strange that this wasn't stomped on Stomp.


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