The Long Tail of $70,000

He may have his share of detractors but the supporters of Roy Ngern spoke with their money to help the blogger raised $70,000 for legal fees to defend himself from the upcoming defamation lawsuit by the PM of Singapore.

From a social media and pro Internet user, Roy's success in crowdfunding his legal fees represent the true power of the long tail in the connected world.

The long tail theory is often described the idea that if you can target the niche market online, the total market, which may be seen as small by the mass market, could actually be large enough to survive and profit from it. 

Not that Roy will profit from it, but by collecting donations, with amounts ranging from $10 - $100 or more, from a niche market size of individuals who oppose the current leader of the ruling government part, is a perfect example of the long tail.

The donation drive also highlighted that the perception of the defamation of the suit is not just against Roy, but the people who have donated to him to keep his law fighters paid. 

This crowdsourcing could probably the best story ever but doubtly mainstream media will want to give Roy the coverage.

Many agree that Roy is a lost case against the PM and will most likely be sued. Say if Roy have to pay damages of $200,000, would this long tail enable for hommhin to raise such an amount?

Probably if the long tail ask not what Roy can do forv them, but what they can do for Roy.


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