I interviewed a few potential candidates for a Marketing Executive post in my company as I was looking for someone to help me take over some of my work.

I could say most of them came prepared, except for one job application who came rather aimlessly for the interview. If you are looking for a job, the lease you could do is come prepared or with confidence.

Here is an open letter to those who are considering working with me as a marketing executive.

1. Please visit the company's website before the interview

The first question I will ask the interviewee if he/she visited the website to learn about the company. This is a gauge of the interviewees' interest level in the job. In this Google enabled world, all it takes it a search and you can find almost everything recorded on the web.

The abovementioned interviewee admitted he didn't visit the website so he couldn't explain what our company do. Though I appreciated his honesty, but that will only take you so far.

The other 4 candidates took an effort to visit the website. One even searched LinkedIn to find out about the company, the boss and even me. Compared to someone who did not even visit the website, how can one not prefer an interview who took the effort to go to the web to learn more about the company?

2. Blogging is a criteria

I believe I could be one of the few B2B marketing managers who will ask their blogging skills. I gave every interviewee similar task to blog about the recent Facebook downtime and how it affected Facebook and its users.

News blogging is an essential part of the marketing as it helps to bring an audience to the website. This is even more important as we have a regular content marketing plan via edm where we identify potential leads.

This writing assignment measures how well you write, how much you have researched and how well you have listened to instructions.

Yes, a blogging assignment goes beyond just writing itself.

Unfortunately, there was one interviewee whose blog post when off tangent to what I asked for and was unforunately penalised in the selection stage.

3. Show some confidence during an interview

You could be nervous during an interview but you have to do show some confidence during the session.

This is important as the marketing executive would also need to make cold calls to generate sales leads. Confidence often plays a part in getting the appointment.

Here are three simple pointers to get ahead of the competition. Hope when you applying to work with me and you come across this post, it will help give you an heads up.


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