Many Singaporeans on Facebook was shocked to see a photo of a lady defecating in public at the Holland Village MRT Station.

Such act of public "bombing" is extremely rare in the clean and green garden city that the initial reaction by some was that the image was photoshopped to add fuel to the argument that Singapore has one too many foreigners.

However, a query by a concerned Facebook fan of the SMRT (Official) which resulted in a reply proved that the incident was real and not edited.

Wrote SMRT,

Hi 林漢文, SMRT cleaned the area at 4pm, after a passenger notified station staff of the woman's behaviour at 3:50pm.

Interestingly, the photo originated from here where it was shared almost 2000+ times. The incident was photographed slightly before 2pm. Were there 2 hours of stink before it was cleared?

Reaction to shock is sometimes denial. This is seen in reactions when some patients are first told they can cancer. In this case, the denial came in the form of trying to explain that the photo was photoshopped.

Singapore has very strict laws on public urination and defecation.

According to the Environmental Public Health Act, Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations:
“No person shall urinate or defecate in or upon any street, arcade, vacant land, river, canal, ditch, drain or watercourse or in any place to which the public has access except in any sanitary convenience provided for such purpose.”
I wonder if SMRT and the Ministry of Health will launch a "No Shitting In Public" campaign after this incident.


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