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Singapore Bloggers Go On Facebook To Complain About Lazy PR Practices

At one of my previous job to write about the IT media industry, something like a paparazzi of the paparazzi, journalists and writers on the good side used to complain to me about some lazy PR practices. Usually, the complains will be off the record, but with Facebook, bloggers in Singapore are taking to the social networks to complain about the "dark side".

Catherine Ling, of, started the ball rolling by posting on Facebook why PR folks email and ask for her websites states when they can easily be found on the site.

Other bloggers joined in the fray and immediately commented that the PR person was probably too lazy to go check the states for themselves.

Adrian Eugene Seet commented, "Plain laziness. Especially when they ask for Facebook, Instagram and social media sites."

For the record, the stats for can be found at the bottom of her blog. If the PR is too lazy to read about her profile, it can be found here.

Eunice, of, received an email, marked urgent, to ask her for her profile, which she commented, " Don't be lazy can? Especially when it's not like I want to work with you."

Popular Singapore blogger added his comments to Eunice's quote by saying "Once you have to ask me, it means you didn't do your homework. LOL."

Again, the profile for can be here.

It seems the bad habits in the PR industry do die hard and is being handed down from the older generations to the younger ones.

During the heydays of IT print journalism, PR folks will call to ask journalists to ask what they cover when reading their publications would have easily provide them with the answer. Asking such questions showed that the PR do not even read the publications they are pushing the clients to appear in.

The Internet has made it even easier to search for the bloggers' profile. If the profile cannot be found, then such questions are justified. But if it can be found just by surfing through the pages, and if the PR can't even find that adds questions to the capabilities of the PR to do digital PR.

One of the biggest problems I feel is that the PRs do not invest in a proper CRM solution which will help keep a record of the bloggers' profiles which can be retrieved on demand when needed.

PR needs to start to eliminate such bad practices as the new generation of content creators would go straight to their favourite social networks to complain about the PR. Off the record comments are heading to dodo status.


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