Channel NewsAsia wrote about a M1 Facebook Fan who have highlighted a bug in the iPhone 6 registration website.

It was reported that the person who found the bug was able to access forms of previous submission and is able to get these users phone number, IC number and even home address.

However, what is interesting is that it seems M1 took about 18 hours to respond the comment.

Image from Channel NewsAsia.

18 hours is a very long time to react to a security bug like this as any data would have be "hacked" in minutes.

Probably M1 Social Media do not work on weekends so this was given a missed.

One of the issues here is that when a security bug is found by a user, the user had to go through the long process of submitting the screenshot at M1 Feedback Site. In cases like this, a direct message would have been better to expedite the issue.

Oh wait.. M1 disabled the Messaging function on their Page.


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