300,000 personal details were leaked to the public in Singapore when a hacker group release K-Box membership details the they hack.

In the release data, anybody could obtain the name, address, IC number, mobile number and even their date of birth. 

First level of scary is that these details are  often the first questions any credit card or bank operator will ask when a call is made to their hotline. 

There are still some security questions that the operator might ask, but those usually are yes/no questions that one can easily answer to get the right permutations.

Some websites also use the data above and this could lead to other serious form of identity theft.

The next level of scary is that a simple search of the names on Facebook or Google could easily result in portrait photos that could be easily put face to name. 

A potential stalker can now visit the address, identify the victim around the area and do much harm, not just to the victim but their close family too. 

After the investigation, the Personal Data Protection Committee needs to put tough penalties on K-Box for even allowing this to happen.


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