(Update: M1 has shared they have submitted the app and waiting for approval. The PR person is also checking the need why M1 needs to close the app for maintenance.  )

Apple announced the new iOS 8 two weeks ago and most companies have been rushing to update their new app to meet with the new iOS.

M1, which describes itself as Singapore’s most vibrant and dynamic communications company, providing mobile and fixed services to over 2 million customers, still has not updated its "My M1" app for the new iOS 8.

After logging in to check My Usage, the page just hangs there. Clicking on the categories results in response.

The other frustrating thing is that from 10pm to 12 am every night, the app will show a pop up to tell me that it is under maintenance. But after 12 am, the app comes back but the categories still do not work. 

As a customer of M1, it is extremely disappointing that the telco is taking so long to update this app. What happened to its "vibrancy" and "dynamism"?

I also had problems with the Comfort Taxi booking app for iOS8 but it seems they updated the interface to make it work for iOS 8.

So when are you going to fix this, M1?


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