A simple invite to a media event has turned into a PR nightmare for Fleishman Public Relations agency after it got the names of, not one, but two IT journalists wrong.With PR friends like these, who need enemies?

Photo downloaded with permission from the editor's Facebook profile. 

The first error gave the editor a new father, or rather a new surname, and the second error gave his rather manly deputy a quick sex change to the opposite sex.

Fleishman PR did apologise to the deputy about giving him a girl's name, but failed to realise that they have also made a mistake on the editor's name. (Update: The deputy shared that he has not receive any apology directly from Fleishman. A check showed the editor received the apology for the getting his deputy's name wrong.)

Besides an apology, Fleishman PR should also offer free PR advice to the deputy as the unfortunate naming incident has made him the butt of jokes on a Friday evening. 

While the editor shared that he is used to getting called or addressed wrongly, he has never found any invites to have two wrong names on the same invite.

Indeed, SAP not only helped to change the face of Women's Tennis, their PR agency also help change the sex of a journalist in a few keystrokes.

I guess the PR person responsible for this is going to have a tough weekend ahead.


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