Happy 10th Birthday Youtube

Youtube turned 10 on 14 February 2015 and the online video site has become a mainstream of today's internet.

Before Youtube, I could remember businesses trying to load up videos into their website. Space wasn't the biggest issue, it was bandwidth. These business had to spend money budgeted for bandwidth and it could never be used at all.

Even when the bandwidth issue is solved, businesses need to think of how to embed it on their websites.

With Youtube, all businesses need is to focus on the content. Storage space, bandwidth and how to embed the video is no longer an issue.

Youtube has also benefited the end-users. Youtube converted end-users to content creators and they now have a medium to put their ideas into video, into cyberspace, to reach out to their own audience.

Below is the first video uploaded on Youtube.

GANGNAM STYLE has become one of the most watched video on Youtube. It became so popular that it broke the Youtube counters.

You know Youtube has grown up when its content creators can now even have the opportunity to interview President Obama.

So happy birthday, Youtube!


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